Review: The Making of Gabriel Davenport, Beverley Lee

'To say this is Lee’s debut novel, she writes with such authority and plays on all our fears like a puppeteer with silk strings.'

I’m going to start off by telling you that this isn’t my usual type of book. I’m a classics-kind-of-girl, and never thought a book like this could win me over. Oh, how wrong was I. Beverley Lee’s debut novel, The Making of Gabriel Davenport, is a captivating, dark and bewitching story that everyone is going to love.

The book begins in a coffin; a nightmare that can’t be awoken from, with bloody fingers gnawing away at wood. It was just a dream, but the horrors that the Davenport’s were about to experience had only just begun. 

Their story begins in Meadowford Bridge, an idyllic and quiet little village (or so everyone thought) in the newfound home of Beth and Stu Davenport. Beth is a strong-minded journalist, but at the moment she’s the proud stay-at-home mum of Gabriel, her sixth month old baby boy.

Beth and businessman Stu were living the dream; but one night there was a snow storm, a snow storm which would later be dubbed ‘That Snowstorm’. It could have been hammering down for days, but nothing quite compared to That Snowstorm or that night. That night when a hidden and ancient darkness changed their lives forever.

Let’s just say you don’t want to read this when it’s dark outside. With all manner of the demonic behind each page, this novel will keep you on the edge of your seat.

One thing I love about main character Gabriel, or Gabe, is that he is an extremely relatable character. You don’t have to live in a supernatural world to understand how he is feeling. He simply wants to take control of his destiny by trying to learn more about his past – but at what price?

We meet many characters along the way and Lee has a fantastic way of making you care so much about them. Even the unsavoury ones where typically you should dislike them, she manages to not only make you love them but feel for them too.

To say this is Lee’s debut novel, she writes with such authority and plays on all our fears like a puppeteer with silk strings. Just when you think her characters are safe, she claws back the dangling ominous carrot and pulls you into danger even further. The one thing I love about Lee is her talent of building suspense; along with a naughty cliff-hanger, I found myself so impatient (almost frustrated) when I got to the end of each chapter because she leaves you wanting more.

You could easily finish this in one sitting because not only is this a fascinating story, but her use of eloquent, almost whimsical, style of writing is just a pleasure to read. Lee’s story has opened my eyes and I will be forever grateful. To say this is her first published novel, I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.


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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment! It's much appreciated :)

  2. Thank you again, Lexi, for taking the time to not only read Gabriel's story, but to review it with such a professional eye. I am forever grateful :)

    1. I am so humbled that you liked it, Bev. It was a pleasure to read your book and share my thoughts with others :)

  3. Excellent review ... I don't often read however I think now I should following this thorough review by Lexi ... and funny enough Gabriel is one of my favourite names !

    1. Thank you for the interest in my book, Tracy :) If you'd like to know anymore just leave a comment here and Lexi will forward it to me!