I'm a slow reader - get over it // The Reader's Review

Right, I obviously love reading. I love books. I just love paper in general (seriously you should see how many empty notebooks I've got and my ever mounting TBR pile).

Q&A with Beverley Lee, author of YA supernatural novel, The Making of Gabriel Davenport

The muse runs in our blood and won't be silenced.

First, she released a hidden and ancient darkness which changed the life of Gabriel Davenport forever. Now, author Beverley Lee is back with her sequel, A Shining in the Shadows, to scare us all one more time. Here she gives us a sneaky peak behind the creative curtain, and an insight into her characters and blossoming career.

Q&A with Joseph T. Pickett, debut author of Becoming the Conqueror

Writing is like walking through fog towards a home: at first, you see only mist. Take a few steps forward and a vague outline emerges.

Already setting a strong precedent with his debut novel Becoming the Conqueror, Joseph T. Pickett looks set to make his mark on the historical fiction world. Now, with book two on the way, Pickett gives us an insight into his journey towards becoming an  author, and why he chose the legend, William the Conqueror.