Q&A with Daniel Ingram-Brown

Photo by Raj Passy

Today is the official launch of The Nemesis Charm, a captivating young-adult fantasy novel and the second book in the 'Firebird Chronicles' series. This is a conversation with author and playwright Daniel Ingram-Brown - find out more about the man behind the magic.

How To Beat Writer's Block - From The Expert's Themselves

Writer's block can be hard to describe because different people feel it in different ways. Some believe it's just an excuse for lack of productivity, and others have set routines to combat it. Whether it exists or not, we have all experienced the uncomfortable inability to write from time-to-time.

But have no fear, I have compiled a list of top tips off the experts themselves. Say goodbye to that seemingly impenetrable barrier and say hello to creativity.

Review: The Great Gatsby, F.Scott Fitzgerald

'He humanises Gatsby more in a few pages, than we see in the whole novel.'

The Great Gatsby is often dubbed one of the greatest love stories of all time – now I’m not sure what everybody else’s version of love is, but I’ve never read anything more depressing in my life.