Review // Becoming The Conqueror, debut novel by Joseph T. Pickett

It seems like an impossible task to encapsulate, and give true relevance, to the life of a great historical figure - especially one such as William the Conqueror. However, Joseph T. Pickett does just this, with grace and authority, in his debut novel, Becoming The Conqueror.

One year bookstaversary: Here are some of my favourite moments

That's right, it's been a whole year since I started my bookstagram journey. I've not only found new depth and passion for reading, but I have been inspired to embark on my own creative journey. Here are just some of my highlights from the year.

Climbing Mountains: The inspirational memoirs of Sarabjit Parmar

If I had to use one word, it would be inspirational. Never before have I felt so completely consumed by someone's day-to-day experiences. Sarabjits' story is one that everyone should read. It's real, it's important and it's inspiring.