2016 Wrap Up //

I'll be honest, 2016 has been an awful year of reading for me. I didn't make any personal reading goals, and just as well because I only managed to finish 15 books. All fiction.

5 Strong Female Characters Who Inspire Me Everyday

Everyone strong woman in history has had to walk down a similar path... - Princess Diana

I am always inspired when I see a strong female lead, whether its in literature or TV, that is being celebrated for something more than being beautiful, or a decent love interest. We all love channelling our favourite fictional characters that speak to our souls, or make us want to be better people. These are mine.

5 reasons why being part of the Bookstagram community is awesome


You've probably clicked on this because you're thinking 'What the hell is Bookstagram?!' Don't worry, you are not alone. When I try and describe it to my muggle friends, they also sport a bewildered look (and a little bit of disappointment flashes behind the eyes as well).