An interview with J.M. Muller, debut author of Colors of Immortality

You know those books that are written in such a way that it makes you feel like you want to know more about the author behind them? Well, that is exactly how I've been feeling whilst reading debut novel Colors of Immortality, so I decided to catch up with author and mother-of-two, J.M. Muller.

Throw yourself into the Netherworlde with Isle of Winds, James Fahy - A Review

Photo by me (Lexi Gagan)

The one thing I hate about most YA novels is that the characters are predictable. They never go outside the box, they never surprise you. I can tell you now, Isle of Winds is not like any YA novel I have ever read before.

Nerdy Bookworm Subscription Box - July Box Review by The Reader's Review

I'm relatively new to the book subscription box experience. I did my research before I decided to invest because a lot of subscription boxes do purely YA and I not only like variety, but YA isn't one of my favourite genres. So, when I came across the Nerdy Bookworm Box, I knew I had found my fit.

The British Collection Kickstarter is official open! Q&A with NovelTea Tins about their new British book inspired tea tins

Artwork by Lily Jones

NovelTea Tins Kickstarter has officially launched! Over 750 backers came together last year to bring about the first collection of book inspired tea tins which have been a huge success. Now, the British are coming, but they need your help to get here. Read all about NovelTea Tins inspiration and processes, and get a sneaky taste of what to expect from The British Collection.

Book inspired tea tin creators 'NovelTea Tins' launch brand new British Collection

A cup of classics, anyone? It seems like a perfectly obvious and sensible concept; a great cup of tea partnered with a great piece of literature, but it wasn't until last year that this was literally made into a realitea (sorry, I had to do it).