Climbing Mountains: The inspirational memoirs of Sarabjit Parmar

If I had to use one word, it would be inspirational. Never before have I felt so completely consumed by someone's day-to-day experiences. Sarabjits' story is one that everyone should read. It's real, it's important and it's inspiring.

Sarabjit (or Sarbs) was born with Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD). This is a muscle wasting condition that causes speech impairment and restricts the articulation of facial expressions such as smiling or frowning.

At the age of fourteen, she was confined to a wheelchair and her dream of owning her own dance school vanished. She lost friends, and even her own extended family treated her differently. It seemed as though the odds were stacked against her, and at a time where most would lose confidence and heart, Sarbs decided to 'toughen up' and live life to the fullest.

She refused to allow her wheelchair to change her life. She was a writer - and a damn good one at that. So, when the opportunity to go to The University of Derby to study Creative Writing and Media Writing came up, she grabbed it with both hands and flourished.

This book brought back so many memories of my own University experience. All aspects of the typical day-to-day life at Uni is represented in this book: from the highest highs to the depressing lows. From the wonderful connections and friendships you encounter, to the gruelling deadline anxieties.

I resonated so much with Sarbs' journey. I studied Journalism, and when I initially chose this it was because I thought I wanted to be a journalist. However, just like Sarbs', I realised very quickly that I was a creative writer, and the world of a cut throat print journalist was not for me.

As I was reading each daily instalment, I could feel myself getting motivated. I wanted that fire in my belly, I wanted that thirst and I wanted that success. Reading about Sarbs' struggles, and how she overcame those struggles, to find her success, was just inspirational to read.

This book teaches us all that no matter what diversity you face in your journey, if you have drive and determination, you will succeed. 

Favourite quote from the book:
'The power is in you to make your dreams a reality.'

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