A review: 'Confetti Confessions', a collection of micro-poems by Holly Ducarte

I haven't even started this review yet, and I already know I am not going to do justice to this book. Confetti Confessions, which is a anthology of micro poetry, is a beautifully written and relatable body of work by the talented Holly Ducarte. And a book that you must read immediately. 

Each page of this book holds a piece of Holly's soul. She touches on every day situations, some big and some minor, and turns them into beautiful, and sometimes tragic, poetry. The book is split between three different subjects: the heart, life and nature.


I've got several favourites from this section.  As well as the above, I absolutely adored 'Red', 'Again' and 'Hall of Mirrors'. 'Red', which is a sort-of depiction of 'seeing red' was especially profound. It is only 26 words long, and it still managed to put a shiver down my spine.

This was my favourite section of the book. I think this is just because of the nature of the heart, and of love itself. Love, and what it means to be loved or be in love, varies with every person, and so this section was very diverse. It touches on the romantic aspect of love, as well as representing some of the more sinister themes of 'love'.


Again, this section was filled with many profound and thought-provoking compositions. I did especially relate to this section, and Holly managed to put a lot of life thoughts into perspective with just a few delicate words.

Some of my favourites from this section includes 'Truth', 'Time' and 'Mistakes'. I found that all three of these poems touched me deeply, and I felt very close to the author when reading them. Even though I have never met Holly, I felt like at that moment I didn't have too. I knew all I needed to know.


Every poem in this section was flawlessly crafted. It was quite difficult to choose my favourites, but 'Last Dance', 'Lonely Moon' and 'Funeral' were especially stunning. This section could be heart-breaking at times, and I loved that Holly was able to pull out that vulnerable side of me - and to keep it suspended.

I have tried very hard in my adult life to get into poetry, and I've found it difficult because I couldn't relate to a lot of the content out there. However, it is safe to say that Confetti Confessions is a book that everyone can relate too, and thoroughly enjoy in the process. That is why you need to read it immediately.

If I've not managed to convince you yet, you can grab your own copy of Confetti Confessions here. See for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

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  1. A wonderful review, Lexi. I can tell by your words how much Holly's poetry touched you 💜