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Review: 'Waking' by Debut Author Helen Richardson - 'clever, mind-spinning and intruiging'

Curve-ball after curve-ball, Helen Richardson's debut novel 'Waking' is a clever, mind-spinning and deeply intriguing story. From the witty observations, to the amusing dialogue throughout, this book seriously surpassed all expectations.

The story is centred around a girl named Anna Caldwell who has just moved down to London, as she has landed a job as a assistant curator at the Whitechapel Gallery. There is a lot to Anna's character, more than she realises herself. She is clever, witty, beautiful; it's just a shame she is haunted by her own nightmares.

For almost 15 years, Anna has been afraid to go to sleep at night. She has been plagued with the same disturbing and mysterious visions of death, and overwhelming grief. Even when she tries to desperately break the cycle, the darkness of her mind grips that little bit tighter. 

Then she meets Jack. She knows him, but she can’t quite figure out from where. There is an instant connection, and at first they both put this down to intimacy, but they were mistaken. They both share the same dark past, but they don’t know it yet.

The relationship between Anna and Jack is enviable. Imagine that one relationship in your life where you were completely and totally in sync with your partner. That is Anna and Jack, seemingly perfect, but the cracks of a tragic past seep through as the story unfolds.

One thing I love about this book is that Richardson has managed to make it so believable, in such an unbelievable and surreal situation. When reading I felt like a lot of Richardson’s own experiences went into the story, especially when reading the humorous and intelligent exchanges between Anna and her flat mates. 

I would have loved the ending to be more finalised, but it still worked brilliantly as it did, it was left to the reader’s imagination. I was just disappointed that I couldn’t stay with the characters for longer! Considering this was Richardson’s debut novel, her character devolopment is superb. 

So, if you are looking for a book that will keep you on your toes and leave you wanting more, Waking is for you. Every time I thought I knew where the plot was heading, Richardson pulled me back and put me in my place! 

Review: 'Greyhounds' play at The Kings Arms in Salford, Manchester - 'witty, intelligent and thought-provoking'

Picture the scene: a box room at the top of a chic Northern pub, 25 fold down chairs, mysterious and uniquely crafted props dotted around the room, 'Big Band' style wartime music teasing the senses and five incredibly talented actors. Yes, this review is going to be a rave.

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Photo credit: The Guardian

At long last, The Bank of England have unveiled the new £10 which features Jane Austen, and it is perfect.

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A review: 'Confetti Confessions', a collection of micro-poems by Holly Ducarte

I haven't even started this review yet, and I already know I am not going to do justice to this book. Confetti Confessions, which is a anthology of micro poetry, is a beautifully written and relatable body of work by the talented Holly Ducarte. And a book that you must read immediately. 

I'm a slow reader - get over it // The Reader's Review

Right, I obviously love reading. I love books. I just love paper in general (seriously you should see how many empty notebooks I've got and my ever mounting TBR pile).

Q&A with Beverley Lee, author of YA supernatural novel, The Making of Gabriel Davenport

The muse runs in our blood and won't be silenced.

First, she released a hidden and ancient darkness which changed the life of Gabriel Davenport forever. Now, author Beverley Lee is back with her sequel, A Shining in the Shadows, to scare us all one more time. Here she gives us a sneaky peak behind the creative curtain, and an insight into her characters and blossoming career.