Nerdy Bookworm Subscription Box - July Box Review by The Reader's Review

I'm relatively new to the book subscription box experience. I did my research before I decided to invest because a lot of subscription boxes do purely YA and I not only like variety, but YA isn't one of my favourite genres. So, when I came across the Nerdy Bookworm Box, I knew I had found my fit.

If you haven't received your July box yet, and you are here looking for a sneak-peak, shame on you (no, I'm joking I love that you're here).

I was pleasantly surprised with July's box. I've been really busy recently and so I didn't know what the theme of this months' box was. Feast your eyes on the 'Book Boyfriend' box - do I wish my beloved Mr Darcy could have made an appearance, absolutely. However I think we've been spending too much time together recently, so perhaps we needed the break.

The Witch's Kiss by Katherine and Elizabeth Corr
Ok, so I know this is YA and I have just said that it's not my greatest genre HOWEVER this does sound really good. It's all about Merry the teenage witch who falls in love, but at a price it seems. Sounds very interesting, and the authors were kind enough to supply signed bookplates and promotional cards too, and that is always a bonus.

Rowan Whitethorn Candle by William and Joseph

I've never read Thorn of Glass, and it's not something that has appealed to me. So this candle, although the masculine scent of sandalwood, amber and musk is beautiful and will look great on my shelf, doesn't resonate personally with me as I can't get excited about something I'm not invested in.

Rhysand Bath Bomb by GeekyClean
Omg I love the bath bomb. It smells insane and it is an incredible deep purple colour - I'm saving it for my next pamper day.

Gansey Lip Balm by Literary Lip Balms
This lip balm is just the cutest. Again, I've never read The Raven Boys but this customised minty balm is definitely my kind of thing.

Peeta Pocket Mirror by Literary Emporium
Like I said before, I didn't know the theme of this box or any of it's contributors. So you can imagine how excited I got when I saw this adorable mirror, I recognised Rio's work instantly! Really happy with this particular piece because I am always desperate for a mirror when I'm out and about, so a literary themed one is just perfect.

Jace Wayland Sticker by taratjah
This design is cute, but book stickers aren't my thing. I know a lot of people decorate there laptops and whatnot with them, but I just don't have any use for them. So if anyone loves Shadow Hunters, you may get this in one of my next letters to you.

Will Herondale Poster by Nerdy Bookworm Box
This poster is so me. I not only love quotes, but I love framing them and dotting them around my house/room. The poster itself is just a really lovely design as well, I think Nerdy Bookworm Box did a fantastic job with designing it.

Overall, I am really happy with July's box. The packaging of the boxes is always first class, and it makes you feel special when you are unwrapping all the wonderful and well-thought-out goodies inside. Not only that, they also include a copy of 'Owl Hoots' which is the Nerdy Bookworm Box Mini Magazine and it's brilliant. Has an interview with the featured-book author(s) and other bookish tit-bits (this month had a 'Book Boyfriend Quiz)' - it's a very cool and original idea.

If you want to 'Experience the Magic' for yourself, you can get 10% off your first box by using the discount code BOOKS026 - you will not be disappointed.

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