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Two words: game and changer. There are very few times in my life where I have thought this, but considering my jaw was on the floor for at least the last 30 pages of this novel, I thought it was completely justifiable.

Considering this is classed as young-adult fiction, it's deliciously dark. Muller, a debut author in the field of dark fantasy, writes with such authority as she introduces us into her new world, Narvious.

The book begins with main character Daniel Thatcher - a 16-year-old product of domestic abuse - addressing you the reader in his brash, almost Holden Caulfield-esque manner. From the first page, you feel invested in Daniel's wellbeing as you can tell he is not one to come across good luck very easily.

His parents are junkies, he's one slip-up away from being sacked from his job and he has just found out that his girlfriend (ex) has cheated on him. What more could possibly go wrong in a 16-year-old's life? Well, when he goes looking for his best friend Tony who 'skipped town' in mysterious (and down-right bizarre) circumstances, he finds himself right in the heart of a dangerous new world that seems all too eager to make him feel at home.

One thing that strikes me about Daniel is his maturity - after the first chapter, I forgot he was a 16-year-old boy. But I suppose, that is the illusion of immortality (no spoilers, I promise!). Also the interlocking themes of violence and domestic abuse makes it an even more harrowing read when you consider how old the characters are.

With this, I found Muller's writing totally addictive. Not only has she created an extremely well-written novel, with an innovative story, but she has also created a new world with a new breed of monsters.

Additionally, this book is full of surprises. It's the story of domestic abuse, unlikely love, family and violence - all themes I never thought would work so well together, but Muller seamlessly blends them as if they were made for each other. Oh, and 'The Legend' chapter after The Epilogue is so tantalising (and a little mean because it leaves a huge cliff-hanger) that you will be itching to find out more about the world which Daniel has just been 'recruited' into.

It is difficult to say much about this book without giving away spoilers, so I will just say this - if you are looking for a completely new reading experience, then you need to get Colors of Immortality on your TBR list ASAP.

Favourite quote from book

'Meth was fairly rampant throughout the area, and it seemed to flow among these parks much the same as it spread through the veins of it's intravenous users.'

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